For more than two decades, we have been offering a wide range of paper towels dispensers, toilet paper and liquid soap, from renowned manufacturers, as well as from our production.

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Paper folding towels

By using paper folding towels in your homes and facilities,
you achieve better control of consumption and contamination, you improve
hygiene and make your environmental contribution.

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Consumption Control

Control consumption and you’ll control costs

“One at a time” dispenser helps consumption control, reduces waste, maintenance effort and refill frequency.


of saving is achieved by usage of folded towels in comparison with classic.

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Contamination Control

Reduce sick leave and transmission of infectious diseases

Dispensing system ensures that customers touch only the towel they use, preventing contamination and transmission of germs.

76 milion

people get sick each year from infectious diseases.

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Hygiene Improvement

Prevent bacteria spread

Hygienic, touchless dispensers improve hygiene and increase the perception of cleanliness in the toilets where “less contact” is highly desirable.

3 years

of life each of us spends sick with the flu or a cold.

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Environmental Contribution

Reducing waste helps business and environment

One at a time” dispensers with long lasting, highly absorbent towels significantly reduce the amount of waste produced in your toilets.


Less waste is generated by the use of folding towels.

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